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Brand Book / Identity Manual

A Corporate Identity Manual describes every possible aspect according to which a company builds its brand. It is an official record of the company’s presentation patterns, which comprehensively describes elements of the identification system and the ways and rules of their use. The Corporate Identity Manual codifies all the assumptions of the corporate identity.

The Corporate Identity Manual contains two important elements of the document: a basic Book of Signs and a Book of Identification Standards, which describe issues concerning the graphic design of the brand. For this reason, the Corporate Identity Manual is also called the Brand Book.

What you want to have in your Manual is up to you. The absolute basis is to include the company’s symbolism, specify the colours it uses and the typography.

As a final product we will send you a print-ready .pdf files with the design of your brand book.
In addition, on request, we can add to your bundle additional internet ready .pdf files with your brand book based on this same template for £60.

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