How it works



What types of services do you provide?

You can check all types of our services here.

We are a graphic design studio. Our main activity is designing and preparing graphic files for digital use and printing, but we can also take care of the printing itself (at extra charge) if necessary.
We can also create a website for you and help you set up a corporate social media account, both tailored to your needs.


How much does your service cost?

Everyone has different needs and their project may take longer or shorter to complete than others. Therefore, prices are set individually depending on the complexity of the order and the amount of time needed for its implementation and also you want us to print your materials or not.

After determining your needs and expectations, you will find out how much the initial cost of your project will be.


Why does it cost so much?
Others have it cheaper

These are two of the most common phrases we encounter.

That's true, there will always be someone who can do something cheaper. You can do a home renovation cheaper. You can go to a cheaper auto mechanic. You can do many services "cheaper". And yet most people want quality and are willing to pay for it. That's why you don't go to the cheapest construction crew on the market, you go to the one that will do the job right. That's why you don't go to the cheapest mechanic, but one who will do his job reliably. And that's why you should choose a graphic design studio that will do the job entrusted to it with full attention to detail at the highest level.

  • We do not use graphic generators, our projects are always tailored to your individual needs and to the image of your company.
  • Behind each of our projects stand years of knowledge and experience as well as years spent on studying trends on the market.
  • We guarantee that each of our projects will be tailored for you like a tailor-made suit (or dress).
And all this you get in the price of your project - the quality.

Remember - we are not the cheapest solution. We create stuff dedicated to you, tailor-made. If you are looking for the cheapest solution - you can always use a generator (there are many on the market). The effects will certainly not be stunning, but the price will be lower.
However, if you want your visual identity to attract the attention of your customers and invite them to make use of your services, we can surely manage this task together.


How long does it take to complete a project?

It depends on your individual needs. It takes a different amount of time to create a logo, another to design all your company documents, another to create a simple website, and another to build an online store.

In addition, any delay in the delivery of materials necessary for the implementation of the order automatically extends the time of its execution.

Therefore, you will receive an approximate production period of your project after discussing the necessary details.


What are the payment terms?

After determining the initial costs of your order, you will receive a quote, on which there will be the data necessary for the transfer (bank account and Paypal) and the amount of the down payment (start-up and materials costs, not less than 50% of the agreed price).

The initial quote may be subject to change during the course of the order due to additional changes and/or more time needed for implementation than initially anticipated.

Down payment is non-refundable and is included in the cost of the entire order. Paid once, it counts towards the design payments you have made. Once you receive the project, you will have the remaining amount of the final project price to pay.

For example: your project costs £200. The down payment is £100 which is used to cover your current project expenses. If your needs change and the current expenses for the project are higher than £100, we will ask you to make a surcharge. If not, the costs will not change. In the end, we give you back your project and you pay the remaining £100 (£200 project price minus £100 of down payment). And we all enjoy the new project.


Does the down payment amount change with the final price?

The amount of the down payment once established remains unchanged and after being paid is included in the cost of the entire order.

Any subsequent surcharges during the development of the project are also included in the final amount.


What form of contact do you prefer?

Definitely a written one!

For one very simple reason:
This form makes it much easier to complete the order because it provides quick and constant access to all the details you describe. It is much more convenient and safe than trying to remember every phone call from each customer.


Can I talk to you by phone/mobile?

Sure you can!

However, we are not able to remember all the conversations we’ve had perfectly, so you'll have to send us all the relevant details about your assignment in writing.


What hours are you open?

You can check our working hours here or just take a look at our website footer.

You can always write to us, whether by email or messenger. Even if we are not able to answer at the moment, we will do so as soon as possible. We check our messages at least once a day, so you can be sure that we'll get back to you shortly.


Can I see your other projects before placing an order?

Sure you can, there is the link to our Facebook.

Or you can just check out selected works here, on our website.