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Visual identity is the basic tool used to create the image of a brand or a company on the market. This term defines all symbols and behaviours used in a company in order to obtain a clear and coherent market identification and distinguish it from competitive brands. A coherent visual system is the most important element of the overall identification.
With good visual identity you can achieve consistency in your brand communication. All elements of the brand in the process of creating subsequent materials or communication should be consistent and logically relate to each other. Graphic materials are an element of brand communication because they convey certain messages to the recipients and evoke certain feelings and associations.

Most often a company starts by commissioning a logo design and then orders, for example, a business card design. Subsequent projects can be commissioned to other companies and this can lead to a situation where a catalogue, an advertisement is created on the basis of a business card, a website on the basis of a product catalogue.
Of course, subsequent actions and ad hoc projects do not lead to anything good. Projects made in this way may even be coherent, but they will be completely random graphically and will be less perceived by the recipients.

Creating a visual identity is a good investment in brand development. Of course, at first it may seem that you only need a logo and a business card. Over time, however, the investment in visual identity will simply pay for itself. Subsequent designs will be much easier to implement, and the designer will not be reinventing them, but creating them according to a ready-made template. Therefore, the whole process of building your brand with a professional corporate identity will simply cost less in the long run.

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In addition, on request, we can add to your bundle some other files that you need for a surcharge.

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