How it works



General terms and conditions

  • Work on a project shall commence as soon as express permission is granted by the customer and the agreed advance payment is made, not before.
  • Within the initial price we do not make more than 3 minor changes to the project. Each subsequent change is charged extra.
  • Ongoing customer contact is required:
    • If the customer does not let us know for more than 2 weeks whether they accept the project or not, it will automatically be considered as accepted.
    • Any change made to a project automatically extends the project period by the time it takes to make the change.
  • We reserve the right to terminate cooperation in the event of a lack of commitment on the part of the customer.

Financial terms and conditions

  • All consultations before the customer decides to start work on the project are free.
  • The price given as project pricing is the anticipated cost of completing a given project without applying additional changes (according to the number of changes included in 01.1).
    • Any additional (other than originally agreed) work on the project will be charged extra.
    • The cost of additional changes is £50 per working hour spent on the project.
  • Work on the project begins after we receive a down payment of 50% of the expected project price.
  • Payments can be made to either a bank account or a Paypal account. The details needed to make the payment are available on each invoice.
  • The maximum waiting period for payment is:
    • 10 working days from the from the date included in the invoice, followed by the first reminder.
    • 10 working days from the from the date included in the first reminder, followed by a second reminder.
    • 10 working days from the from the date included in the second reminder, followed by a third reminder (final notice.
    • 10 working days from the from the date included in the third reminder, and in case of failure to pay the amount due, the case will be referred to court.
  • Penalty interest for each reminder shall be 10%.
  • Discounts may be added to the account, including:
    • Up to 10% for regular customers on large projects and/or bulk orders (minimum 3 items totalling £1000 and above)
    • 5% for an order placed by recommendation (see point 04)


  • We only have a graphic design studio, we do the designing. We do not have the machine facilities to print, we rely on external printing houses and can only offer the printing that they allow us to do and only in the price range that they have. We always try to find the best solution for the customer.

Technical support

  • Practically all our work is done remotely. If a problem occurs on the customer's side during the execution of the order (e.g. when creating a website) and cannot be solved by the customer himself, we provide all the necessary assistance free of charge remotely using dedicated software:
  • We always use a one-time generated password to log in remotely on your computer, so each subsequent connection requires you to provide us with a new password. We cannot and do not connect to you without your express knowledge and consent.
  • While connected, you have full control over everything we do on your computer, you see our every mouse movement on your screen and you can disconnect from us at any time.
  • Of course, if something absolutely cannot be solved remotely our technician will come to you for free.
    However, if, for any non-technical reasons not directly affecting your inability to use the software indicated by us, you do not agree to a remote solution of the problem, you will have to solve it yourself or pay for its removal at your place of residence (which is £100/h for our technician work and £1 per mile for fuel cost).
  • The same costs apply to technical support at your place of residence provided after the warranty period has expired or to repairing damage resulting from the misuse of our product (e.g. customer interference with the website code).
  • Once the warranty period has expired or damage resulting from misuse of our product has been rectified, the price for remote technical support is £30/h.
  • If the technical assistance requires additional action and you incur additional costs - you will be informed immediately and we will proceed with the action after you agree to it.

Downloadable materials

  • The final version of the project will be available for download in the customer zone no later than 5 working days after receiving the payment or its first installment.
  • All designs ordered from us will be available for download for a minimum of 12 months from the date they are added to the customer zone.
  • In the ongoing collaboration, older versions of projects are replaced by new ones.
  • If a customer does not order any services for a year, all his previous projects may be removed from the customer zone and he may lose access to it. After renewing the cooperation he/she will be given access to the new customer zone, but access to previous projects is not guaranteed.
  • In the event that the customer terminates the cooperation during the project, the customer has one week to back up his data from the customer zone. After this time, the data will be deleted.

Final project

  • For graphic design, the final package includes:
    • For vector graphics:
      • Vector files in .ai format (Adobe Illustrator) with all versions of the design.
      • A .pdf file with a preview of the vector file.
      • Unless agreed otherwise, the package does not include additional files. The exception is the logo design, which also includes basic versions of up to two versions of the logo chosen by the client in raster format (.jpg and/or .png) for digital use.
      • Additional files (upon request) such as vector format .eps or raster files .jpg and png for digital use in various sizes.
    • For projects intended for print:
      • File adjusted for printing in a format depending on the client's needs (usually .pdf)
    • For projects for digital use:
      • Ready-to-use graphics in .jpg and/or .png format (depending on the client's needs) and in a pre-agreed size.
  • For websites, the final package includes:
    • A ready to use working website.
    • Training on how to use the website.
    • Technical and training support for the first two weeks of using the site.
    • Unless agreed otherwise, the package does not include written instruction manual.
    • A written instruction manual for the site (if requested).
  • For projects outside the offer and with a "special request" the final package includes:
    • Any files necessary to bring the project to life (based on previously agreeds).