Great graphics don’t happen by chance


Exhibition Materials

These materials are a part of work on advertising materials prepared for one of leading in recruitment sofware companies for London CIPD Exhibition Show in 2014.

A graphic list of the strongest points of their offer was created especially for the company in the form of a map modelled on the London Underground map. This map guaranteed them interest from everyone present at the CIPD Exhibition Show and also directly enabled them to win a contract totalling more than £8 million from customer they waiting for nearly 15 years.

We placed for them this map graphic on exhibition stand and in official brochure. This design stayed with the company for many years and help them present their vision and earn money.

We also prepared for this company some more stuff, like: whitepapers, press kit, business cards, flow diagram, simple MS PowerPoint presentation background images, email signature and few graphics for their social media, and in the end simple brand book.

Additionally, we proposed the company a refreshed version of their logo. The main idea was to modernise the company's image and refer to its professionalism by using font known from the UK Government Gateway.

Client: Vacancy Filler
Sector: Recruitment | Software
Year: 2014